RICE is an engineering consulting firm, with expertise across various fields necessary to understand the challenges of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Whatever your activity is, R.I.C.E can bring you services wich will allow you to insert sustainable development in your firm.

We are principally based in Reunion Island (a small tropical island in the indian ocean, near Mauritius). This small island is interesting for research and development in environment and sustainable development because of its problems concerning the high demography for a small geographic area. In addition, the tropical climate of this area requires us to be more efficient in the fields of energy, water, construction, waste, and resource protection.

Due to those pressures, you can see Reunion island as a real laboratory in green research. These constraints allowed us to gain experience in ecological research, and today we can offer our expertise to assist you in sustainable development.

We provide advice and develop specific tools to implement a real environmental management of your business. This allows you to optimize your business, improve your image, generate savings and preserve your environment.

Our skills are:

Our clients are private groups or government sectors who wish to be accompanied in all areas of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Our areas of expertise :